Please tell me I'm doing the right thing?

ok il try keep this short. Like a guy, told him a like him, he said he couldn't get into owt, he's very shy, looks at me all the time, I look at him back, sometimes its very intense, as he is shy its always me initiating messages etc. anyway I have tried with him, tryin to get him to feel comfy around me but its getting to the point where I feel like I'm maing myself look like a desperate fool so... I have now stopped the eye contact and will no longer message him, I won't ignore him, if I pass him ill say hi. Is this the right thing to do?

FYI when I message him he's very chatty back, asks me question etc, that made it sound like I just message him and he doesn't reply what I put above. Also the eye contact etc happened way before I told him I like him, and carried on after I told him. Nothing much has changed,


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  • He likes you. He is just shy and nervous. Trust me as a fellow shy guy! Keep giving him attention. Guys take forever to notice signs. Shy guys take x2 longer well at least me to notice anything.

    • even though I came out and told him I like him?

    • He may want to get to know you a little more before he asks you for a date. Or you could lead him towards a date, say "You know if you asked me out on a date I would say yes."

    • well we have known each other for 2 years. oh I don't know what to do

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  • hmm.. m younger to u... but as far as I feel just give it a break for sometime... let him initiate :) if he really likes you .. he definitely will :)

  • Are you high? your questions doesn't make any sense at all!

    • haha its because I was trying to keep it short, tried putting it in bullet points. I may have to start again

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