What are things that ruin a first date?

I'd love to know to be able to simply not make things harder than it should be


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  • When he automatically assumes sex is implied simply because I agreed to dinner

    When he just asks me questions about myself and never says anything about him, I'd like to know who I'm on a date with, please

    When he doesn't at least, offer to pay. If I was the one asking, I plan to pay, but if I was asked then I assume he plans to pay...kind of how it works in my mind

    When all his compliments are about some physical aspect of me

    Bad teeth

    No eye contact

    No chemistry

    When he just agrees with me, sorry, but I want someone with their own interests and if they're just agreeing with me to get on my good side, then I'll get bored because the conversation can get stifled if they don't have anything to say

    Obviously not all of these things are deal breakers...well, the sex thing is, but if they all happen on the same date, then it's gonna be a no to a second date.


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  • Breath smells.

    Cellphone is constantly vibrating or ringing.

    Not being punctual. 5 minutes late, I understand. 10 minutes or so - I'm leaving.

    Showing up with flowers. - Where in the hell am I going to put the flowers or shall I watch you plant them in the ground..

    Cutsey names.. - Muffin, hun, darling.. Anything similar to those. I DO NOT like pet names. - Guys and girls should stay away from that till a relationship is establish even so, I still dislike it.

    Rude to the waiter/waitress. - Complaining about the place when you're the one who chose it..

    Using coupons - I understand the whole economy drowning.. Just don't take a girl out where it's expensive and you're pulling out a coupon.. HAHA - Go to a place you can afford.

    • The coupon one makes me laugh. A guy I work with is always tempted to try using a coupon.

      The safe answer would be 'don't', I think he might get away with it if he mentioned it up front, like 'i have a coupon for place X I wanted to try, want to try it with me?' I.e. its not 'i cheaped out on our date' its 'i'm going to this place to use a coupon with someone ... you interested?'

    • Haha, I bet. It's just silly to me unless it's a second or third date..

      I agree with you Thorpe, it's best if he was straight forward about it first.

  • don't make sexist jokes lol. and don't share really personal information yet, it just makes it awkward.

  • awkward silences

    overly personal questions

    being too gropey or physical

    talking about a second date already

    burping or farting

    not holding open the door

    not paying

  • When the guy tries too hard, when all he has to do is be himself.

    When a guy is constantly trying to grab at my stuff. (Turn-off)

    Or when a guy gives my chest more eye contact then me. They're not talking! (Double-turn-off)


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  • Not being able to hold a conversation.

    Not willing to try different activities or being closed minded.

    Not telling me that her ex boyfriend is going to be waiting in the bushes when I take her home.

    Telling me about all of your personal problems and past relationships.

    Being classless.

  • if she's stuck up, looks like a slob, whinny, complains/b*&#% too much, no chemistry, or she doesn't talk much and I have to carry the conversations.

  • a long smelly fart when your out to dinner with her

  • Cocky