Guys: If you texted a girl this do you mean it literally? Should I text him?

This guy I've known for a long time and I are pretty good friends. I'm sure he liked me, but then in January he became totally convinced I liked another guy and after a really awkward conversation about it all I think he sorta gave up on I am now unsure if he still likes me...Anyways I kept feeling like maybe I was bugging him because I know how busy he is and so I texted him something like "i don't wanna bug you but...and asked him for something, telling him about something that was going on in my family then.

he said "i'm sorry :p and yah I will :)" and then I totally dropped the subject and said "thanks"...but he texted right back (seconds later) like he was worried and had been really thinking and brought it back up and said "and you don't have to feel like that =p talk to me whenever " no other guy I know would actually keep thinking about it and not just ignore it. What do you guys think? Does he like me? I don't want to bother him and so I haven't texted him back. Do you think I should?Thanks in advance!


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  • From what you're describing I don't think anyone could tell you if he likes you, I mean I'm sure he cares about you since he said to talk to him whenever but I don't think its possible to determine if he still likes you from that quick conversation.

    And I'm not sure what you mean by "bother him"...I mean do you want to talk to him about your family problem or do you want to talk to him about him liking you. Also, do you want him to like you (i.e. Do you like him)

    If you just want to talk to him about the family problem then text him when he's done work one day and say something like "hey I was wondering if I could get your opinion again on what I was mentioning to you before, do you have a few minutes" or something along those lines.


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  • Don't read too much into it. Do what it says on the tin, if you've got problems then he's someone to talk to. Sounds like he's interested in your life and how you are in general so there could be potential there. If I weren't interested in a girl in some way, I probably wouldn't bother


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  • He wouldn't have told you to feel free to talk to him whenever if he didn't want you to so go for it.