Why is it only the chicks who are taken that show interest in me?

seriously! it sounds like one of the top dreams that most guys want, but to me is aggravating!

anyways, today in college before class started(today we had a final). I was outside of class talking to one of my classmate in how paranoid I was about the final and we talked back and forth. while this was all happening, a chick that's in my class walks by with another classmate of ours(which they seem like they are dating or interest in each other since they are always together... but don't show a lot of intimacy). we was talking back and forth then they got closer and I saw from the corner of my eyes that chick staring at me up and down and appearing like she wanted to approach me or something; all this while she was with that other classmate that she's always with. I mean, wtf!? why in the past when we were alone did she not try to start a conversation or something. can anyone please explain this behavior to me? is this a thing that females do that I'm not aware and why?

another time was back in high school. this chick was taken and during the time she was in the relationship she use to stare at me a lot and tried to smile. she even stared at me when she was walking and holding hands with her boyfriend; I remember one day they were both walking holding hand in front of me and she looked back and stared at me kinda making it too obvious. once again, WHY!?


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  • My thought is that you may be more aware of what these "taken" girls are doing, regardless of their intention because they are "safe." You don't have to worry about a "taken" girl following through, try to keep your eyes on the ones that are available and ignore the ones that even appear to have something going on with someone else. Most importantly, I wouldn't try to spend time analyzing why someone does something, because you're only perceiving it from your viewpoint and that's usually not enough to understand fully what they are thinking and why they are doing certain things. I do numerous things throughout the day without a thought and if I was questioned about them in minute detail, I'd probably have a very difficult time coming up with why I turned around and looked at someone.


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  • Maybe its because you don't feel like you need to impress them, so you act like yourself and you are comfortable/relaxed/confident, and maybe you act differently around single girls


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  • You may be sending odd signals to single girls. Since you see a girl that is taken you are not as nervous and more yourself. When someone is single you may be more nervous and unapproachable because you are afraid of rejection. Try to relax around everyone and approach more girls and ask them out. Success in #s.