Who to pick in my love triangle?

Ok so long story short Guy one is age 43 and I am 19. A bit OK an age gap I know, but I love him, BUT he doesn't always want the same things as I do, so we WERE cooling things off and I started going out on dates,

enter guy #2... Really cute only 28 super smart, has similar life goals, BUT he is super clingy. And I don't know him well enough to understand his clingy ness...

I can't seem to let go of GUY #1 but I don't know if I should or if it would last...

GUY #2 would make me happier in the short term (he's kind of like Leonard from Big bang theory) but I don't think I could stay happy forever with him.


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  • yeah because long term it's definitely smarter being with a guy 24 years older than your right? You are 25 years old and he's close to 50 getting old and saggy think about that. Tell guy number 2 you like him and he doesn't have to try so hard and maybe he will tone it down a little. Number 2 is easily better imo.

    • Lol I'm her best friend and I've been telling her that all along... Thank you :)

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  • The age difference with #1 (and the fact that you say your interests/values/whatever don't always click) gives me pause. Out of the two here, I'd advise you to go with #2.

    You say you don't think you could stay happy forever with him, but guess what? That's fine! You're only 19 years old, and in the next few years, you may very well find yourself changing quite a bit and being very glad you didn't lock yourself into a "forever" state of mind quite yet.

  • Ditch both and find mister perfect XD lol

  • #2

  • I'd go with the secon one but whatever you hearts says

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