What does a kiss on the hair mean?

Me and this guy have been friends for over a year and we flirt a lot. He had kissed me on the bus. I was mad at him for taking my shoe. And I was ignoring and he wanted me to take a picture on his phone. So he took my hand and shaped it around his phone. Then he came up to me and said please then kissed the top of my hair. he whispered please again and then kissed me lower on my hair, almost near my face. I freaked out and pushed him away with my hand. and then he kissed my hand. What does this kiss me? Does he like me?

During this whole time, I wasn't looking at him.


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  • uhh I would think he likes you ! but he may have been just playin around like the guys on my bus do hope I helped a little why don't you just ask him about it?