What makes a person date-able?

Is it just the person's appearance or personality? What exactly do you look for in a person to push you into asking him/her out?


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  • #1 personality.. not a stuck-up or overly confident

    #2 looks.. they never hurt..

    #3 hygiene.. clean clothes.. sleek hair.. frizzy hair is understandable

    #4 how she holds a conversation.. does she lead the conversation? does she listen?

    (most guys will ask girls questions about themselves, to get them rolling)

    anything I did not cover feel free to ask


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  • I personally look for someone who believe what I do. Personality is definitely a bigger factor then looks, but I would be lying if I said looks didn't play any part. I also like to get to know someone before I ask them out because I want to make sure she is who she said she was.

  • Personality and appearance. I look for small, thin, blond, DD cup, blue eyes, PhD in Biochemistry, kinky, appreciates a good microbrew, plays video games, and wants sex on a daily basis. But 10 out of 12 ain't bad :P


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