Dating help, please?

I'm pretty goofy while having a good head on my shoulders. The problem is that I'm pretty shy and it takes a while for me to get used to people I met. Any dating tips?

Also, there's someone I'm eyeing at the office, and I think he likes me too since he goes out of his way to chat. What can I do to show him I'm interested?


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  • Eye contact says volumes without saying anything. Touching an arm or a shoulder randomly while you talk, being playful and joking around, suggesting things you;d like to do or simply inviting him to check things you that you like.

  • Start by dropping your pen, then bending over displaying the buttock prominently to pick it up. This should alert him to your availability, and provided he doesn't make a bee line to HR to make a sexual harassment claim, you'll know he's interested too :P


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