How would you feel if your ex texted you like this?


How would you feel if you and your girlfriend decided to go on a break and one night she texted a very genuine text while slightly buzzed, saying how much she missed you and such?

What kind of emotions would take over you...? And what would you do?


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  • I'm not a guy but I can certainly answer this one for you as I have many guy friends who had this happen to them and they told me how they felt about it.

    Most of them thought that the girl just needed attention that night and they were the comfort zone or the second option when she didn't find attention elsewhere. They were very upset about it because it did not seem geniuine at all.

    Nobody likes to feel like an option. We all want to feel truly loved.

    So yeah, they felt like a tool..only a tool for her entertainment that night.

    • but it wasn't in a crazy partying drinking scene. I was just with a couple friends and was thinking about the matter and wanted to let him know that I wanted to express my feelings before it came to a time where saying such things would not be appropriate. And he knows I'm not a partying kind of a girl and he's the one that broke up with me in the first place. I was genuinely crying for my loss and wanted to tell him how I trully felt and I made sure I let that be seen in the text

    • No, has nothing to do with being a party girl. I'm just telling you how would he feel like. He would think he's just an option, as if you find nobody at the moment and wants free love and care so you thought of him. I KNOW it might not be true, like in your case, but I'm just telling you how he'd feel like.