Guys: Would you be offended if...?

If a girl you went on a date with criticized how the date went would you be hurt? Would that make you lose interest in her?

Would this make you want to give up if she had rejected you already about a year before?


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  • No, I can handle criticism. HOW she delivered it is what would matter to me.

    Most guys are willing to learn from their mistakes, and many are desperate for input and advice, but if you are cruel about giving it, then most guys will run away, and they should. If you are nice about it and give it with a positive, constructive attitude, most guys will be receptive.


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  • It just means I wasn't up to your standard for tht night.

    It's how you criticize the date as to whether or not we're still interested.

    Nobody is perfect so neither should the date

  • its just as much your responsibility to make things interesting

  • hmmm, I wouldn't say I would lose interest in her. but I would be disappointed that I didn't provide a good date for her.

  • I'd feel like well next time you can pay for it bitch.

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    • Well, it wasn't said it a negative way and I told him that I had a good time, but we didn't really talk much on the date. I thought it was awkward, he said he didn't feel awkward at all, which was a bit weird in my opinion. I tried to tell him how I felt, and I don't see anything wrong with that. By the way, I paid for my own.

    • In that case, blast away.

  • i like the truth better than cliche lines like "oh I was a great date" blah blah blah.


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