Why do I keep cutting my lip?

every time me and this guy kiss he opens his mouth too much and hits my lip with his braces or while we are during a make out session and I feel like he shoves his tongue down my throat too much how should I tell him to stop?


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  • Well, he obviously needs lessons on how to kiss. If you want him to be a better kisser and give your poor abused lips a break, you need to sit him down privately, and have a discussion with him. Talk to him and tell him that you love kissing, but his kisses have been altogether a bit too eager and has been bruising/cutting your lips. Tell him you want to teach him how to kiss you the way that will really curl your toes. If he cares about you, he will agree to you teaching him. Then its your job to show him how to gently kiss you. Be prepared to hold his face and to tell him how much pressure to put with his lips, and how to use his tongue. Show him how girl! :)


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  • Don't brush your teeth for a week and eat a lot of garlic.

    Just tell him that you like gentle kissing more. And his braces hurt. He'll tailor the kissing to your needs, if he's a teen worth half his salt. If he's a jerk tell him you'll tell all the girls he kisses like a garbage disposal with an eel stuck in it.

  • This is gonna sound complicated but you should try it.

    Tell him to stop doing whatever he's doing that's bothering you. If he cares he'll listen.

    Use yo voice girl, back in early 1900's y'all didn't have a voice an opinions didn't matter.

    Now that you have a voice you don't use it? By the way This wasn't ment to be preachy lol


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