Do you think I should text her? Help Please!

Me and my best friend were really close to each other, like we were about to date, she liked me and wanted me, until she thought I was flirting with another girl, but I wasn't. We argued for a week and then became best friends again, I was clingy, needy, and desperate. That was 2 months ago, and during those 2 months we argued again and again over reasons like "I was being too controlling" or me being "Jealous and saying stuff" and some other reasons. 3 weeks ago we argued cause I got her a present, but she didn't even see it, she wouldn't accept it, and she texted me saying it was dumb and wouldn't accept it, she said that I act like we date. So yea we argued, and then she said she hated me, and that we weren't friends anymore. After 3 days of that happening I apologized, and she didn't text back anything when I did. After a day, I told my best friend to text her and ignore her. She then she texted me asking me who the number was, I told her, and then we ended up talking and being friends again. We were good for 10 days, and then I told her that I liked her, and she was like "I'm sorry but I just don't feel the same way" I asked if she'd date her ex, and she said probably, and then I was like "That's the thing I don't understand you'd date him, but not me, he's done way more bad things than I have, and I've always been by your side, why does he have a potential and I don't?" And then she was like "Bye" and then I said sorry, and then she said "Ok. Bye" and then I said sorry again and told her that I wasn't thinking when I said that, but she sent this "Just leave me alone right now" and I said sorry again and said bye. The next day she texted me saying that her guy friend was dead (Sarcastically, cause he wouldn't text her) And I was like "Why?" and she texted "Never mind. Not dead:)" and then I said this " ha ha cause I just saw him online on Facebook, he can't be dead!" and then she said this "Yeahh. He's not. Thank freakin god." and I sent this "Haha yeah, how has he been been doing, you guys been doing well?" and then no response at all from her. It's been 2 days now, and she hasn't talked to me at all. Do you think I should text her and say sorry for what I did? Or do you think I should say something like "Oh Yeah! ____ asked me for your number, so I gave it to him like you wanted me to!" just to break the ice and get her to talking? I mean I did apologize while we were arguing, but do you think I should make it more sincere? Please help I don't know what to do at all! Thank you guys! (I can't talk to her in person, and I can't call her cause of some reasons, I can only text her. I'm a guy!)


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  • You seem like an awesome guy! Girls just have bad relationships as friends unless she is a tomboy (like me)! Maybe just end it with her cause she is going through emotional situations, but if you love her then write her a secret love note preferably a poem which sign Love, (but don't sign your name or any one else)! Trust me girls get very emotional... that is why I tend to have more friends that are boys although I know what you're going through since I love my best friend too but don't know how to approach him!


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  • I don't think you should apologize. I think that maybe you should consider moving on from this girl because she sounds like she doesn't feel the same about you and (from seeing this happen often) you should be careful that you're not being used when its convenient for her. You deserve someone who wants to be around you and talk to you :) not just because they want attention, but because they value having you there.


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  • Give her some more time, I am barely out of this same situation and know how you feel

    Giver her time to think things over(she's a girl that's all they do).

    If y'all were ment to be it will happen, I'd say you could keep texting about

    Casual stuff just don't bring up the relationship, wait about (this is gonna hurt) 2weeks

    And if she didn't bring up the relationship to you by then, then it's probably safe for you to bring it up.

    My girl is being stupid and trying to go out with a guy that ripped her heart out

    Costantly and they weren't even dating. We all make dumb decisions. Hope this helps and it works out for you bro.