Guys: If this guy tries to kiss me, should I tell him that I've never kissed anyone before?

Or should I keep it to myself? I've been "seeing" this guy for about a month...and I think it may get to that point soon...we've just hugged a lot...he knows that I'm a virgin, too, though.

Also...I was thinking about mailing him a cuddle buddy application:


To sort of move things along...I want physical contact, because I think it's therapeutic (although I haven't really had any before)...but I don't want him to think I want would take a long time before I'd feel comfortable with that...I just want to make sure he is the right person, and not rush it...

So, I know this is more like two questions, but any help would be appreciated...

Oh, and this may be pathetic...but I'm in my late twenties...


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  • You don't have to tell him anymore than he really needs to know, until you feel you want to. It's not going to scare him off and if anything he'll feel proud.

    Not everyone can have the same amount of experience as everyone else, just relax and let things happen. If you have an opportunity to hug, do so, if you;re close and looking in his eyes get closer to his face. but be absolutely sure it's not in a time and place that makes him think he's going to get more than that.

    The application is a cute idea by the way. XD

    • Ok...Thanks for your advice...and I just might try the application...

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  • Never kissing anyone before doesn't really affect us. We all go through it at some point. So I guess it doesn't matter if you tell him or not. It's all up to you.

    Don't rush things, get to know him if you're not sure about sex. It can wait.

    • Ok...I see...thanks for your advice! : )

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  • You should tell him. =D Its better to be open. You'd want the same from him, non? Communicate. It's good for a relationship. And the application is cute. :P Go for it.

    Don't worry about it. Enjoy.

    • My first kiss happened without him knowing it was my first, until after. It's not something you can just pop into a conversation. So whatever feels right to you.

    • Thank you very much for your advice : )

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