I need advice for Prom night tomorrow!

This might sound kinda lame. So I really wanted to ask a Junior to Prom and I found out she was waiting for some guy to ask her. I understood and moved on. However, I didn't want to give up on finding a date. So I waited awhile. Eventually, I decided I wanted to ask one of my friends (who I've known since freshman year) to Prom. I wanted to call her and ask if she'd like to hang out at the movies or something. (Unfortunately she was out of town). So I waited until the weekend was over. However, on the day I was planning on asking her I heard her talking about some other guy. I don't know what to make of it so yeah. I just barely heard her so I don't know. So I decided that since time was running out, I'd get the tickets and go stag. I got a feeling she's going stag too, not too sure though. But anyways I kinda like her and I'd really want to hang out with her at Prom night. How should I approach this?


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  • ask her! who cares if she's thinking about another guy. he hasn't asked yet, so ask her first :)

    • prom is tomorrow night.

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    • Well I obviously can't ask her now and I definitively don't think its proper to ask her over text of phone no offense :) Should I ask her if she wants to dance while we're at Prom?

    • well that's what I meant by saying like save a dance for me haha

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