Only texts me late a night.......

this guy I'm texting only texts me at night. and all I can think is he's trying to get me to be a booty call. he has texted me during the day but more times than not its always at like 12-2am, how do I get him to text me in the day or do you think he's intentions are clear by how late he always contacts me.


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  • Not all late texters are booty calls. Don't you think maybe you want him to be a booty call?

    • well yeah there's always the exceptions and no I def don't want him to be a booty call lol. I'm really not the type of girl to just have sex with no commitment l

    • We don't mind when you ask us things. Ask him what he's doing texting you at night. He may lie, but at least you'll know what he thinks of you.

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  • Let him know or ask him why he just text you at night.

    • lol yeah that seems like the best option huh