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So I'm 16 and I haven't kissed anyone yet. I really wanna know what it feels like but I don't wanna waste it on just some guy. I want it to be special. What do I do? If you've already read my previous question then you'll know that I like three guys and I can't kiss two of them. So the only guy that is left is Ry. And things are really awkward between us. I want to find out if he likes me or not. And if he doesn't I wanna try and make him like me by not being clingy or stalkerish. What do I do?


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  • Why so much worry about it being SOOOOO special. It is just a kiss and you will be a grown up one day. Kiss whoever you think is hot and somewhat respectful.

    • but it will be my first kiss and no one will eva remember their 12th kiss but they'll always remember their first kiss

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    • Very welcome!

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  • A first kiss is important to a girl, Don't waste it on someone that doesn't deserve it yet. The same advice I'd give for the actual act is the same advice I'd give for finding someone to perform it with:

    Don't rush! take it slow and approach with caution. It'll happen when it needs to!


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