Would you kiss someone you just met?

I'm asking because I noticed that many of my friends, and people generally do it .

If I go with my friends to club they ask me sometimes why didn't I kiss this boy with who I was dancing.

I just wouldn't do it , if I go with him later for a date and like him then it's OK but I don't kiss with someone I just met and danced few times.

Would you do it ? and do you think I am maybe I'm corny? and not cool?


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  • No your right to hold back until you know them a little, because giving a guy the wrong impression can make him feel used, so keep it at a level your comfortable with, because guys don't like girls who give to much to soon, so let him want to kiss you, this way he will want to get to know you more and enjoy it more when it happened, don't ever put out to early, x


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