Should I go out with him or not?

So one of my best guy friends ever has a crush on me and wants to go out with me.

I'm not sure If I like him though. I kind of have a crush on him too, but I'm not sure yet! We have known each other for a really long time and have so much in common and he has the best eyes and smile ever.

Should I go out with him or not??


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  • You have to think carefully about this... Like what iluvgirraffes said... are you guys still going to be friends if it doesn't work out?!

    I actually lost my best girl friend when I went out with her... Things ended really badly and we don't even talk anymore...

    Even if one of you doesn't want to continue with the relationship, it will still jeopardize your friendship because of emotional issues. One will still be feeling for the other...

    The both of you have to talk this over and make sure if all ends, you guys will still be friends...


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  • Yes, you can date a friend. It should make the relationship even better. At least that's been my experience down through the years. Lovers are usually best of friends!

  • I say you go out with him. One thing I have learned is that like attracts like. Regardless of how he answers you, or reacts to you, always stand for who you are with class and love. Friends, true friends stand to respect each other always, and will not try to convince you do anything your not ready for. Have fun, he is your friend.


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  • Well you have to think.....if things don't work out for you...are you guys going to be friends still? Are you willing to screw up a friendship just to date someone....that you aren't even sure you like? Just try to think more about it and make sure you are ok with all of the consequences.

    Good luck.

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