Canker sores and kissing?

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Please help


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  • They are contagious but only to some people. A part of the population is imune to canker sores but I wouldn't play russian roulett with it. You could get these sort of plasters from the pharmacy they will both heal it faster and make it less likely to transfer.

    PS: I know this wasn't you question: But in rear cases it can transfer from lips to genitals during oral sex. So be careful

    • I was going to ask that next

      And its definitely a concern of mine

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  • Just do kissing pecks until it goes away. I wouldn't want anyone tongue kissing me who has something going on in their mouth. In the meantime, get something to treat it.

    I don't think they are contagious. I think those are those things you get when you bite the inside of your mouth too hard.

  • Aren't they like herpes...? Pretty sure they are transmittable.

    • No they're not. They aren't contagious

  • Canker sores are a virus related to the herpes virus. You can give it to your kissing partner. My advice would be to not kiss at all until they go away.

    • They aren't related -______-

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    • Yes. Perhaps it was coincidence. But, nevertheless.

    • Yeah no offense but I believe Mayo clinic and doctors over you

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  • Yes I get them all the time, and by the way this is some bad advice from the other answers...

    Causes can be defficiency in Vitamin C and too much stress. Also A FORM of Herpes called Herpes Complex A which has nothing to do with the Herpes contracted from sexual intercourse can cause sores.

    You can deal with them in different ways.

    1.Buy a product called Kanka which hurts at first but completely numbs the pain of the sore and you can eat and such. link

    2.If its a Vitamin Deficiency then just take about Two tables of about 5oomg a day of Vitamin C, if the problem persists see your physician.