Why did he send me this text?

We have been friends for a very long time (10+ years). We tried to be more than friends, it didn't work out to make a long story short. We stopped talking for awhile and I tried talking to him but he kept ignoring me. The other night he randomly asks me to send him pictures of myself. There are plenty of hotter girls he could find pictures of. I don't get how he won't respond to my texts but then all of a sudden wants me to "sext" him. What do you think his reason is? Does he miss me? (he was drunk when asking I believe...)


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  • uh.. He's a jerk and needs to get a life.

    Also, it's kinda more intimate if you know the person I guess... but yeah, that's just a sleazy move, I'd say GTFO and find a better friend. -_-

    • Well we had a relationship, but he said that he didn't feel the same way I did and just wanted to be friends. I have always wanted more. I just dot understand why he does this when he has told me he doesn't want a relationship and will hardly talk to me anymore...

    • Okay, see, He doesn't want a relationship, but he knows you do, and he thinks that because you're interested in him, he'd be able to get something from you without much effort or commitment. it's like.. if a guy that liked you had some candy, and you didn't like him, but you know he likes you, so you ask for the candy. you know he's likely give it to you, and you also know you'd never really have a thing for him. It's wrong, but guys are generally not thinking about feelings.. =/ sorry..

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