Am I being paranoid or is this girl into him?

There's this guy and we're not exclusive but I really like him and from what I know he likes me too. He makes the effort to spend money and come and see me, but he's not in a good situation at the moment and says he wants to sort everything else out before he takes this further which being that he's homeless (sofa surfing) and jobless sort of makes sense. But there's this girl who keeps appearing on his Facebook. She likes a lot of his comments and has posted hearts on his wall, and even called him "baby" in one of her comments. So no it's got me a bit shook up, jealous, angry and I don't know what to think. I know I might be jumping to conclusions. I know that she might have got the wrong idea from him. But then he might actually be seeing her. He's said numerous times he's not like other guys, that he's not the kind of guy that will sleep with a girl and leave (unless that's all he was there for). But because we aren't exclusive I can't tell her to back off. I've asked him but not directly, I made it sound like a normal question rather than a serious jealous one and he said that if he was seeing other girls that he would tell me. But it's hard to tell. I get so worried about this stuff Because I've been treated like sh*t in the past and I'm scared of getting close and intimate with guys. It's been 4 months and we haven't had sex but we've kissed and teased each other a little bit but nothing too sexual. Am I being stupid or should I tread carefully?


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  • You aren't being stupid. You're wise to be cautious. I don't like getting close to people either. Well, I know you want to believe he's honest, but he could be lying out his ass about being faithful and respectful. How does he respond to her?

    • He hasn't responded to her wall posts from what I can see, but he repsonds when she posts a comment on his status updates.

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    • I wouldn't really say he was flirty, just talking normally. It just makes me wonder what he might be saying to other people, you know all the messages and stuff that I can't see

    • He may just she her as a friend. There's been married women who talk to me like that, but they don't mean anything to me.

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