Why Did He Stop Texting Me?!!

My crush for years now works at the mall. I’ve seen him give me the eye a couple of times and my friend even asked me if he knew me because she noticed he was always staring at me, but I didn’t know if that meant anything. He doesn't know me because we never went to school together. He helped me find an item in the store before and would smile at me a lot but I still didn’t know if that meant anything. He’s really popular and very handsome so I didn’t know if he would even look at me that way.

Well after months of gathering courage I finally talked to him and suggested we exchange numbers or Facebook ids. He agreed and even joked how it was like I didn't want him to have my number because I suggested exchanging Facebook ids. He text me his number and then texted me later that night. He went out because it was memorial day weekend. I then texted him the next night and asked him how was it the other night? He was at work and told me he was still tired from the night before. We texted some more and then I suggested when he wasn't tired he should tell me more about himself. He didn't really respond. So I then texted him "good morning" 3 days later, so I wouldn't come off clingy. He still hasn't responded. Why would he do that? Is he not interested anymore or was he never interested? If not, why would he exchange numbers with me instead of Facebook and why would he text me the same night (because most guys usually play games and wait 1-3 days)?

Why would he show me so much attention and then go cold turkey?

I appreciate everyone's comments but PLEASE read my questions carefully. I appreciate honesty but don't be rude if you're gonna respond. Thank you = )


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  • All of the things going on in your head could be the reason... or they could not be... Guessing at it isn't going to help you at all.

    Best solution? Next time you see him in person:

    "Hey, so, I've sort of had a crush on you for years. I was actually really happy when we exchanged numbers... so should I keep on texting you?"

    Worst case scenario, he shoots you down. If that happens, well, at least you know and you can move on. At that point you can stop worrying about it, and you haven't really lost anything.

    Straight forward rational approaches like this where the emotional volume is toned way down are usually the solutions when dealing with men, if that's something you're capable of doing (I know a lot of women aren't).


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  • You might have to accept the fact that he may not be interested in you for what ever reason he might have (maybe he likes someone else? or simply does not find you attractive) it may be the harsh truth but some one needs to say it. When a guy likes a girl he takes into account to her looks and personality if both those categories are within his standards he might take you into consideration. It might be too early to tell maybe do not be too eager and over react he might be scared off by the clingyness give him time to respond like a day or too and if he doesn't make an effort to try to get to know you then you should find someone who will appreciate and want to talk to you.

    • Are you sure he's shot her down?

      It's likely, sure, but she hasn't actually gotten that information for sure.

      Maybe his phone died...

    • Not trying to be rude or conceited but he definitely thinks I'm attractive. Most guys do, I've never had a problem dating a handsome guy before but I know there is more to a person than just looks. I could understand if he didn't like my personality but he didn't even get a chance to know me yet. And if you read carefully I mentioned how I texted him 3 days later to give him space so he wouldn't think I'm being clingy. Sorry but you're way off in that department

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  • I think he lost interested in you. This guy he usually to text me a lot but now he rarely answer my texts he told he stop answering my texts because he doesn't feel the same as me.