Girls suppose you were dating a guy...

..and after sometime you both decide to get intimate, but when he takes off his clothes, you see that he is covered in dark thick fur like hair. How would you react at that time? And would you still date him anymore?


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  • Yeah of course. It's not like he can help it. if I was already attracted to him, I'd not be too bothered by it.

    • ok he can't help it, poor soul, But would be able to find him attractive , would you be still get turned ON? why not leave the poor cursed sould all alone by himself?

    • Haha I really wouldn't see it as an issue.

      It might not be my favorite thing, but yeah, I'd still be with him and fine with it.

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  • Eh , I would be a little bit uncomfortable though I would just continue with whatever we're doing. Though say a couple days after that incident , I would suggest some solutions to get rid of the hair.

    • thats smart! But get physicaly intimate despite getting put off esp by the bestly fur, ew, it needs a lot of courage plus love for the guy!

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