Is he playing mind games or what?

Ive been hanging out with this guy for a little over a month now. When we are together we have a blast no matter what we are doing. We text and talk every single day. He tells me I have a special place in his heart, he doesn't not want me in his life,when he is with me he feels comfortable and can actually be himself. Now the problem is in the past he has dated girls much much younger then him (im only 2 years younger then him) he says he is scared of getting hurt (but who isnt) I also recently found out he was up until a few days ago he was sleeping with someone he was dating at one time of course he never lied about it when I asked him he was upfront and honest and I told him fine if he was still stuck on her we could be just friends but he said NO he really likes me blah blah well after I found that out he asked to take me so we did and he took me to a REALLY nice dinner and he said he was sorry he was done with that and the next girl he would date would be closer to his age. Is he trying to have his cake and eat it to or what? I mean what man spends 80.00 on a dinner when you aren't getting anything out of it .. Can someone spread some light on this situation.


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  • Men aren't as complicated as women are. Women see the entire picture while men compartmentalize.

    Women usually socialize with other women more, and have greater empathy than men. This makes them read into what the other person is saying when they are socializing, which is good when they are with other women, but when it comes to men, it can be a handicap.

    If this guy has always been honest, and up front about everything, then why question what he's saying now?

    He says he wants to date someone much closer to his own age, and you're closer to his age than anyone else he's ever dated. He's talking about you.

    He says that he is afraid of getting hurt, that means he is comfortable being vulnerable with you.

    It seems like you can have a really great relationship with this guy so good luck! :)


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