How wrong would it be to ask him that?

So we started dating about 4 months ago, we slowly started defining what we had, but after 2 months we had some issues and I got really mad/hurt. Since then everything changed, we don't see each other as much and the loveydovey stuff (through texts) is gone (not when we see each other, everything is always great then), but we still text, not nearly as much as before, but we do..

So would it be wrong to ask him what happened?


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  • Not at all. From the sounds of it, the relationship is heading south. So you need to do what it takes to save it. If he tells you, then you have something to work on, But you have to realize that he may not be willing to say, which is the real difficulty. Definitely ask but have a back up plan if he's not willing to give you the answer