Go for him or try dating other people?

Okay, so my ex is like completely in love with me, I love him a lot too, but I don't feel appreciated or respected when we date, I mean, he never contacts me or hardly even talks to me, and he never tries to find a way to see me, I always have to make an effort to ask him to hang out with me. He broke up with me a week before my birthday through a text. and now he is saying he regrets it and he was being stupid when he broke it off with me and he loves me like crazy still and he wasn't sure if I felt the same about him. I told him that I still loved him but I wasn't sure if I wanted to date him again, because I mean, I would like to date other people that I haven't ever dated before, besides just going back to my exes, I mean, they are my exes for a reason right? it didn't work. so.... am I making the right choice by not dating him again? or should I date him again if I really love him? help!


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  • You're still really young and to be honest with you, your heart will change all the time, and there's lots of other good looking guys with great personalities out there... personally if he broke up with you once already, whos to say he won't do it again and hurt you again?! Like you said, he is your ex for a reason. There are many other guys out there... I suggest just be friends for now and say in a year if he's still interested THEN go for it...


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  • You are only 17. You will have so many guys to date. Why not be friends? You can hang out, and do things but you are to young not to date and have wonderful experiences. I sound like your Mom. But if you love someone it's not so easy to hang out. He did break up with you. Do you think he is worth a second chance? If so, date him for awhile but, enjoy being a teenager too. Lot's of boy's out there to choose just one right now.

  • I don't think you should date him again.

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