How do you actually kiss? (serious question)

this is embarassing... so I'm 22 and I don't actually know how to kiss. I have literally "been kissed" 3 or 4 times before but I never really kissed back because I don't know how. I think I basically just opened my mouth and then closed it.

ive been googling this question and everyone says that it comes naturally. well I've been in the situation and it has not come naturally. I have terrible instincts and I do NOT do well going with the flow and being spontaneous. I like to plan everything so this is really hard for me. all the guys that have kissed me were good looking guys so its not like I found them repulsive or was not attracted to them.

a guy that I've been seeing recently mentioned the other day that every time he tries to kiss me or show affection, I'm not responsive. so I really can't keep avoiding it anymore since he brought it up :( I would honestly rather just have sex (although I am a virgin =/) than kiss but I guess its hard to get in the mood without kissing first...

can you please give me detailed instructions on how to kiss? (yes I am serious). if I do something stupid like bite him accidentally or am just a really bad kisser then ill just have to stop seeing him because ill never be able to look him in the eye again.


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  • Wow, you're guy is extremely lucky.

    Tell him what you just told us. Have him be your teacher. Lots of guys find that a major turn on.

    Lots of things girls find unattractive, are things guys would kill for in a girlfriend. Younger guys especially seem to find an insecure girl attractive.

    Remember this: Women have far more intuition and empathy than men, and neither gender knows that. So don't "drop hints" about anything. Be blunt. Hell, show him this exact page.

    And don't feel bad about being insecure, that just means you'll try harder and be better than a "confident" girl that really has no idea what she's doing. Admitting you don't know something is the first step to figuring it out.

    • "Younger guys especially seem to find an insecure girl attractive."

      he's not not my age... he's in his 30s. I feel kinda bad because I don't want to be a burden to him by having him show me the simplest things... I should already know this stuff. 12 year olds know how to kiss and I dont! :( won't he think that I'm some sort of loser? I was thinking that id just say that I'm a really bad kisser so that way he doesn't expect much.

    • Not just younger guys. It seems like a horrible thing to some people, but for sexually active men, virgins are like the #1 item on the menu. You can only have it once, then it's gone. Trust me, Show him this page and he won't be able to keep his hands off of you, bad kisser or not.

  • Youtube.


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