Tell me what should I do..?

Is one boy , we know each other only in internet - like 3 years.

We talk using webcam , and became really good friends.

We felt in love with each other ( don't judge it, it's not about it this question)

We want to meet but living in different countries , very far. If we meet, become to know more.. we could decide if want move together.

I have money for travel but I want him to come first - because he is boy, he is elder than me..

But he doesn't have money yet, would have to wait few months more for him to save it.

And my question is if I should wait for him to come first to my country or I should go now first to meet him?


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  • I think that is a decision you should decide together. If you really want to meet each other, and are both willing to move to another country, then the best person to decide who moves is you.

    That being said, older men are usually going to be more safe traveling to another country. Less chance of being kidnapped, etc.

    Make sure to have someone you trust with you the first time you meet him.

    • we live even in different continents, so I thought it would be safer if he comes first and we meet in my country first. But would have to wait for it. And what would you do in my place?

    • I'd tell him to get a second job so he could get there sooner! Only 1/2 way joking. Definitely take the safer route. If I was in his position, I'd wait, save up, and come to you. If he says he loves you and doesn't want to wait, then how much does he really care?

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  • its safer to have him come to you just make sure you did it very safe meet in public and stuff