He's lazy... how can I get him to do more?

Is there anyway to help a guy become less lazy? Should I ask him to help me do things? He's not dumb, but he's been slacking when it comes to work. I just don't want him to go down the wrong path. I don't even think he thinks what he's doing is wrong.

Any ways you think I could help?


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  • Well what is he becoming lazy at? Not doing his duties around the house or just overall lazy? Like once Friday comes he wants to sit and relax? You could ask him to do more activities with you. Like go bike riding together. Go to the local park and walk. Play basketball with him. Stuff like that to get him active.

    • He doesn't do anything. He's been slacking extra lately. He has a particular job and he doesn't attend meetings and now he doesn't want to renew his license. It's not a day job, you have to actually work and get out and find clients. He's just not putting himself out there and I don't know if it's lack of motivation or what.

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    • thanks! I will!

    • I wish the both of you luck.

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  • Talk to him and et him know that you want him to be more active.