What is up with this guy, is he a player/loser?

I met a really amazing guy through a group of friends about 3 weeks ago. He started hanging out with me and he friended me on Facebook. He'd talk to me for hours on there, and we'd joke back and forth. He even said that he really missed spending time with me one week when he wasn't able to hang out with us, he actually said, "I'm really upset that I missed going out because I wanted to spend time with you." It sounded promising, but then he started talking to me about his ex's. He said he was in love with a girl in California that he met online, but that she told him a few months ago that she needed space, so he stopped that relationship. Then I found out that he has a current girlfriend, and has been with her for 2 years now. He said he wasn't really in love with her because she used him to dump all her emotional baggage on. I kept chatting with him via text, when then he texts me one day to tell me that he finds a new girl who's hanging out with all of us (this group of friends I have) to be very gorgeous and he told me he found himself stuttering around her and unable to speak, and it wasn't me, it was another girl! At that point I cut communication with him, he kept trying to text me on Facebook and saying that he wanted to "talk" to me and that he "assumed he had made me upset, but wanted a chance to talk." So I let it go overnight. When I woke up the next morning he had unfriended me and blocked me. I REALLY liked him, and found myself falling for him. I'm scared I might see him again hanging around with all my friends (he's a friend of a friend from out of state). Is it better that he unfriended me? Does this guy sound like a player/loser or was he just trying to see if I was jealous? Worse of all, is he a psycho-womanizer? I KNOW I am better than having to deal with a man like that, it just hurts that he did this after getting so close to me! Thank you!


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  • OK first off players are generally not losers. If they were losers then women wouldn't like them. A player is a guy that can get a woman's interest and make her fall for him (or at least make her think she's falling for him). That isn't something a loser can really expect to do.

    It sounds like he really liked you as a friend, but he wanted benefits.

    However his reaction to you ignoring him really stands out to me. He's an attention wh0re. Best bet for you is to keep it civil with him, but ignoring him is perfectly OK.


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  • sounds like he's just confused and a bit rude to be honest