Why does she not call or text me back?

Everything between us is perfect it just the communication thing. I haven't said or done anything wrong. The last time were were together ended good. But its four days later and still no communication. I texted,called, and Facebook and still no response.


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  • Well at this point honestly? You can't really do much except for making sure she's okay (check if she has updated her Facebook lately) The ball's in her court really, give her some time to get back to you and when she does, you can ask her why it took so long. For now just be patient, so you don't come across as someone pushy. Good luck! =)

  • If you have texted, called, and FBed her and she has not responded to you for several days, may not be interested. Only she knows why she hasn't got back to you, but if you really want to know, message her in a few days saying something like "Hey, haven't talked to you in some time. How are you?" Don't be pushy though! If she still doesn't respond, then don't try again. You've done your part and you've made an effort, so just move on.

    Just because it ended well when you were together, does not necessarily mean she is interested. For example, I recently went out with this guy and it ended very well also. I told him I had a great time and what not but I haven't bothered to make any contact with him because I wasn't interested in him.


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