Was it a date for you?

Have any of you gone on a date and not realized you were actually on one? This happened to me not that long ago. I didn't know it was a date until one of my friends told me about it when she talked to him. I don't really know what to think about it


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  • Yup this has happened to me twice. I remember quite well. This guy friend texted me and said we should go watch a movie someday cause it's holidays and all and I really, really did not think it was a date. Referring to the kind of friendship we had anyway. I didn't expect it. So anyways I thought cool hangout session and I was pretty bored so then we got there but then when I was heading for the movie ticket line he said we should have dinner first. I was slightly confused cause that did seem out of place. During dinner then he said, "wow I can't believe we're actually on a date!" with this huge smile. My heart completely dropped in a bad way cause I just did not expect this and I did not like him as more than a friend. I felt guilty cause I kept blaming myself thinking how silly I was to not see that it was a date cause then I would have declined. I feel like I gave him false hope. But either way I pulled through the evening but did tell him the truth eventually within the next couple of days.


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  • I hate to say the sentance "wanna go on a date with me?" so I used to always say "wanna hangout?" it just sounded better and less awkward if the girl rejects me. Nowadays I say "would you like to go to dinner with me" to imply a more sorta "date" atmosphere. But really its acutally hard to tell... you gotta just ask him if you are confused.

  • lol.. the word 'date' is nice agitation for my mind. Nothing different between a date and hanging out. It's basically spending time with someone, so its hard not to know you're hanging out with someone, just if you know how they feel,or the intent. Over complicating things doesn't help that lol.

    • Well I thought it was just hanging out lol I wouldn't go on a date with that person

    • lol I'm just going to guess I know what you're saying in that sentence.

  • I went out with this girl twice. I still don't know if they were dates or we were just hanging out. We don't have the word "date" in our language and she's going back home anyway.


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