If A Girl Text You On A Saturday Night...

met this girl 3 months ago, in the beginning it went really well, we could have had sex but I didn't really like her so I wasn't moving things fast enough, so it kinda flamed out, but then I started having feelings for her and told her, but then she slept with another guy she likes a lot, and I got pissed at her, and I think she regretted about the sex too.

So we stopped talking to each other.

But for the last 2 weeks when she was on her night out at clubs, she texted me asking where I am?

the first week I said, do you want to see me, she said yes, but when I called her later that night she didn't pick up the phone.

and the second week, I was sleeping and missed her call.

So, I can't work out if she is asking so she can avoid me, or if she wants to meet me?


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  • Yes, she definitely wants to see you, but you have to prepare yourself for it maybe just being sex. Not that many guys would have a problem with that (haha, sorry to generalise) but if you have some feelings for her maybe be careful. Have you tried to send her a message the next morning when she is sober?

    • I texted her but acted very casual and it was a very short,unemotional conversation,and it ended with me saying "oh well, next time then",which she hasn't replied to

      you see,she is quite pretty and a very sociable girl,she adds a new guy on Facebook almost on a daily basis,so I am wary of getting close to her because I duno how many guys she is sleeping with and I don't want to get my heart stomped again. Just sex is fine by me,but I try to avoid thinking I am important to her.

  • it sounds to me like she was drunk and wanted to have sex, a lot of girls get really horny when they go out and get drunk


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