Met a guy online... not sure what to do

I met this guy online through Craigslist... I know, it already doesn't sound good... He just moved to the area and is looking to meet new people. I answered his ad because I was bored and figured I'd give this a shot. Well, he seems nice and we've messaged back and forth a bit. We talked over IMs too quite a lot. I'm just not sure whether I should meet him in person.

He wanted to meet, so I said that would be nice and we could maybe have breakfast or dinner. Then he tells me he just wants to say hi and see if we're comfortable with each other and see what happens. So, pretty much he says no to eating together. He says he doesn't know the area and is staying with a friend for now until he finds a house. He keeps telling me he's a nice guy and that he just wants to get to know me better. Then today, I get an email from him asking if I can send him another picture, one that shows my figure, but not a dirty pic, just a nice one. That really confused me, so I got a bit upset. Eventually, he tells me that he deleted the other pictures I sent him.

Does that seem normal or am I blowing it out of proportion? Should I take a chance and meet him? Opinions? Suggestions on how to go about this?

He cancelled on me and tried to reschedule. I was going away for the weekend and he said something like he hopes I don't blow him off. That seemed a little needy. Eventually we rescheduled, but he never set a time. Didn't hear from him again. lol


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  • Have you seen any pictures of him or had any contact with him that isn't in text form? I don't think that it would be a good idea to meet up with him as well. He sounds kind of strange, especially when he said that he didn't want to get something to eat.

    Seems abnormal, but if you play it safe and meet in a very public place, then it could be okay. As long as he doesn't follow you home, you should be good and who knows, he may actually be a good guy.

    In my honest opinion though, give it more time and see if he has patience, how long have you known him?


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  • Oh hunnie. You don't know this guy. He might not be who he say he is. but if he is who he say he is, you still don't know him. you don't know what kind of background he has. there are a lot of crazy people in this world, and the people gets worse and worse everyday. He says he wants to fill you out and see if he comfortable with you? Ummmm, that's something a girl would say, but guys that are sneaky will use those line to try to get you. My suggestion is do not meet up with him, despite if he sounds really real or cool. Do not do it. It's not worth the risk. Think about the consequences if you meet up with this guy.

    you gut feeling is already telling you something could go wrong if you meet up with this guy, follow your instincts.

  • i don't know why everyone is so alarmed, I really don't think anything is wrong with the guy. I have done online dating before an dhavent had any problems. You meet crazy ass people in the club, on the street, in class, and on the corners of every street. I don't suggest meeting someone on craigslist because they tend to below lifes. I have met really successful people offline doctors, lawyers, etc. Mainly they look on line because they don't have the time to look in person. And many times neither do i. In fact out of the 6 relationships I have had two were from online and they were the best relationships ever. Mainly becasue online I was able to weed out people who had personalities completely different from mine on sites like or eharmony. He probably is asking for a body shoot to see if you are attractive. No one wants to end up meeting a fat girl. If you are going t meet him , meet in a public place away from your house. Meet up a couple times that way and see how it goes. Don't give out personal information.

    • Well the picture thing seemed odd because I had already sent him 4 pictures, one of which was a body shot. He even complimented me on my figure. Then he emails asking for another picture. He said he erased his emails and couldn't save the ones I sent through IM. He's a doctor... or so he says... but I don't know... it just threw me off too that I told him we should meet for breakfast and he said no, that he just wanted to say hi and see if we were comfortable around each other. Just seems odd.

    • Hmm yea

    • Well there's your answer hun. Your even saying something is odd. Listen to yourself. The guy does sound odd. It would be best to stop talking to him. He could be a sexual predator, rapist, killer, you never know. sounds cheesy but its true, people are crazy!!!!!! they are not going to tell you who they really are. follow your instincts 100%. don't ignore them. Asking you to send him more pics??? oh no! not good. and he didn't want to meet up for brkfst? what is he hiding?? cut him off hun...