What to do if the guy you once liked keeps giving you messages?

well,i used to have a crush on a guy.but he said he wasn't into me.& asked me to become his friend.so we became very good friends.after a while he proposed & I said no.so our friendship was broken.now I have a new boyfriend whom I love a lot,but he still sends me messages.& I'm not sure what I should do cause I'm scared that I might fall for him again...what should I do?


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  • you need to understand your emotions, because if your boyfriend was thinking this, would you want to be with him, ? yeah I thought the same, so if you do love your fella, show respect and get rid of the clingon around you,x

    • thanx...i try to keep that in mind too,but its kinda hard when the guy keeps texting u... :(

    • send one back saying that your boyfriend has seen the messages, so its now a wise time to leave you alone, see what happens,x

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