Guys - is it normal to tell a girl that she's not making effort?

This guy I'm sort of seeing on and off sent me a text saying that I don't make any effort with him and that its not fair because he does all the work etc.

So I made the nx move by suggesting we hang out, which we did. and now we haven't talked in a week. So my question is, why would you send a text to a girl like that if you weren't really into her?

Like he asked me to make effort. I did and now we're not even talking. So what was the point?


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  • Here's the thing - you got yourself a lazy self-entitled bitch of a man there.

    He complained that he was making all the effort, and when you didn't just drop him like a wet p****, and instead took some initiative yourself, he immeditely went into full-on entitled bitch mode.

    He then expected you to take charge EVERY single time. Not just that one time. You haven't talked in a week, because you haven't called him.

    This guy (and I use the term lightly) is a f***ing loser. Dump him. Tell him if he wants to act like a whiny bitch, he should get himself a boyfriend who will let him act like a whiny bitch.

    • Urgh! See this is why I need more guy friends to ask this sorta stuff to!

      From the off I thought it was a whiny, premadonna, "feminine" move for a guy to send me something like that, but all my girl friends said that it was refreshing that a guy could tell me how he really felt.

      Anyhoo, so I gave it a shot and he's still in pout mode, so not really much I can do about that. Thanks for the advice!

    • No guy wants to do all the work. A one-sided relationship is not much of one at all. But to get that lazy the minute she does take initiative? Indicative of someone with a real problem.

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