I don’t know how to proceed or what we are? There was a flat party a few nights ago night and I started talking?

There was a flat party a few nights ago night and I started talking to this guy . He knew a couple of my friends Then all of us headed down to a night club and since I was a bit tipsy I would hold onto him and he would just take my arm and lock it with his and then after a while he took hold of my hand like his fingers were in between my fingers and he wold hold me and we walked like that the entire night. At the club he was still with me,we danced for a bit and he got me 2 drinks and wen I finished mine he would pour his drink in mine aww haha

Then we sat down and we randomly talked and he kept rubbing my arm and then he leaned in and kissed me.

I was too shocked to move and after a while he kissed me again it was just like a peck lol .That was my first kiss but I didn’t tell him since I didn’t want to scare him off.He put his number onto my phone and gave himself a funny name :p He said that he will cook for me sometime.

After the night ended he walked with me home with my flatmates. The next day we texted each other and I asked him if he wanted to have dinner with me but said he couldn’t so after a while I said I’m going for a walk and he asked if I wanted to chill with him for a bit since we live close. So we went for a walk in the night and sat talking looking at the stars aha .He dropped me back home that night and said he would cook soon.

The day before we were just talking and he said that he's going shopping and asked if I wanted to join. So we went to get him stuffs for his holiday. He bought the ones I picked out for him ..it all looked good on him , bless him. But yeah so I kept asking him if he liked it :p He would try it on and show me.

We started getting hungry and asked if the day would be good if he tried to cook for me so I said yeah that would be nice.Then as we were coming out of the shopping complex he took hold of my hand

n I didn’t hold it that like I think he realized its uncomfortable so he let go and then we went to my place and he met my flatmates and had tea with them .After that we went and bought the stuffs and went over to his flat

Well I cooked basically and he was always helping out and all that and then we had wine after our meal we were like lets watch a movie.

So we watched a movie in his room and he held me the entire time and ermm we were a bit tipsy then too

well I slept over at his place and we kissed …well he kissed me couple of times and he kept rubbing my shoulders and hand. He always holds my hand and we kept talking to each other lying down.

He would just stare into my eyes or just look at me. We didn’t do anything other than share the same bed and he holding me the entire time even though it was freaking warm haha

And me in that tipsy state kept telling how I don't like being played and how he's banned from doing anything with any other girl when he's on holiday and he just kept saying OK. He said I'm not a player and I don't play around lol and he had this poster on his kitchen door which his flatmates had put up I didn’t like i

didn’t like it so after a while he said if you want you can take it down I don’t mind. He said have a little faith and he just gave me a kiss. In the back of my head I often feel almost every guy don’t want anything serious.

He was supposed to meet me before he went but he's back home no and said he will deffo come down after and cook for me and do things ^^ He told me he's quite shy well he is aha but he cares.

He is off on a holiday for a week so I won’t be seeing him for a while now
and after that by the end of this month I will be flying back home and then I won’t see him for the next 3 months I guess since we are having summer holidays. I don’t know how to proceed or what we are?

He has never been in a relationship and neither have I ! This is the first time things have gone this way and I have no clue as to if he likes me enough to go into a relationship or what he's thinking ?


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  • Sounds like a sweet enough guy but judging by the smoothness and deliberateness of his actions I could tell that he probably has done the same exact routine with other girls before you. One way to find out more, if you're comfortable, is to playfully bluff him.

    Like tell him "Well, so-and-so, if I knew another girl that you were with, with whom you did the exact same things, what would she tell me I should know about you?" Or something of this nature.

    If he just wants to take advantage, he'll probably freak out. If he stays his sweet self and honestly reveals something about some of his hidden attributes, he may be genuine.

    • Sorry I didn't realize till now that my question or what I was typing wasn't complete ha ha so I updated it ..made it longer :D but yeah I get you :) there was this other girl he said who liked him but he didn't like her much so they never kept in touch so she hates him and stuff lol but maybe what I updated now might hlp a bit or not ha ha don't know :p

    • Yeah he may be very sweet but does not strike me as a guy who has never been in a relationship - I do not buy that for one second.

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