Why doesn't he call me??

he is my boyfriend.we are in a steady relationship.& I know that he loves me a lot.but he doesn't call me as often as he should.at some nights he promises that he'd call me but later he forgets,or falls asleep.y does he do that?y doesn't he feel the urge to talk as much as I do?


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  • "doesn't he feel the urge to talk as much as I do?"

    Absolutely not. No guy does. No guy ever will.

    The day you understand this and accept this, you will find it's a lot easier to understand guys and you won't get all concerned wondering what a prolonged silence means.

    • thats not a good news!cause when he does call me he tals a lot,& he seems interested in every way.& he also enjoys our conversations...then why these prolonged silences!

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    • but he loves me,den why doesn't he feel the urge?is there smthing wrong with the male genetics! :@

    • Sure, you could say there's something wrong with male genetics.

      We could just as easily say there's something wrong with female genetics.

      The truth is, we're just different.

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