Is he on drugs? What is his deal?

Why would a guy tell a girl - who he claims he really likes - he could never date her, he's emotionally unavailable, she's needy, an attention wh*re, he can't take her seriously, she'll never make it in the career field she wants, and that there are other girls who are interested in, he wants to be friends first and keep his options open (something like that) then turn around and say he really likes her, wants her to meet his mom [tomorrow], thinks they would be a good couple, and loves being with her. I know he's gotten back into drugs and drinking the last 4 days, so how do I know what to believe?

I told him this morning I was done talking and seeing him and he said he wanted me to meet his mom tomorrow and thinks we'd be a good couple. I haven't talked to him so should I call him? Or should I stick to what I originally was going to do and just stop?


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  • Regardless of anything else, it tellsyou he is a selfish a$$hole. Add the fact that he's doing drug and drinking and you should be staying as far away from him as you can. That's ALL BAD.


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  • If your gut feeling is telling you to leave him alone, then leave him the hell alone! Always listen to your gut feeling it'll never steer you wrong...not listening to it will though.