Should we date given the circumstances?

Here's my situation:

I am now talking to a girl and were starting to get close. We met through work. I live near work while she lives an hour away and commutes. In August I'll be moving 4 hours the other way, meaning we'd be separated by 5 hours. She has one more year of school while I'll be starting a career. Should we pursue a relationship, given that it'll be long distance and different stages of our lives? Should we not even try it? What do you think?


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  • I'm not a fan of long distance relationships because its difficult to spend time together and I believe that spending time together is the basis of a relationship.

    In this scenario, you're not even together(correct me if I am wrong) so you would be STARTING OUT a relationship that's long distance. Not usually the key to success. But by all means if you want to follow your heart and give it a shot, then why not. But if you wanna know the success rate given your circumstances, I personally don't see it working :(


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  • of course try.situation is always changing.good luck:)


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  • You can give it a shot if you have the patience to do it, as well as she. I just started my career and I work in a town 20 minutes from where my girlfriend goes to college. If I were to be moved or if she moved far away I honestly believe I couldn't survive. I am not a very patient individual and I demand her company just like she demands mine. If we were separated for an extended period of time such as 3 months to a year I would be hardpressed to believe we could both sustain it. Sad, I know, but that is just where my state of mind is at this point in life.