Is he trying to make me jealous, or has he just moved on?

So, he liked me and we had an amazing connection! We had one class together and would talk for the entire time. Unfortunately, I learned my "friend" likes him ( she's like our school slut), we're sort of frenemies and now she is flirting with him right in front of me, and she basically flirts with everyone but when she is around him she is a total attention whore. And the worst part is, he flirts back. The strange thing is we used to always make fun of her together during that ONE class. and not only that, we went to camp together and he kept sitting next to me and talking to me and telling me it will be alright, when I was afraid to go bungee jumping, and his friend said he liked me but now 2 months late, I'm not so sure. One more it sort of a back-away if EVERY friend he has likes me. Help.?


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  • He's probably just not sure if he does like you in that way,.

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