He asks me to text him, and we talk for a while, then he doesn't respond. Why?

Ok, so we like each other (not dating Because we haven't really talked about it). When I first texted him I was shocked he even texted me back at all, he's notorious for hating to text and never texting even friends back. Then he asked me to text him when we said goodbye since it was summer. I checked up on him on Facebook and he told me to text him then too. Both times I did, and he texts back for a while then just stops. What's the point if the conversation is so short? I don't want to text him too often since I'm not that sure if he wants to., Also, why doesn't he ever text me first? Why can't he ever initiate it?


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  • Well that just proves he doesn't like texting, and don't text him first let him.


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  • He's probably playing, call of duty. Just shut up. He likes you