Guys what do you think of a girl being 3 years older than you ?

is it weird that I'm friends with a guy that is 15 and I'm 18 but he's very mature for his age and very smart and we hang out a lot but when he tries to hu I tell him he's too young but age is just a number isn't it?


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  • Age is just number, and love don't care what that number is. When I was 15 going on 16 I was in a relationship with a 19-year-old and it actually was a very good relationship that only ended, after a year, because she went away to college; which was across the country. We tried the long-distance relationship for a while but it was too hard for the both of us. We still keep in touch to this day and I'm 33 now.


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  • Age is just a number. but its an advantage too. people older than you know more than you but not all the time. if you can trust him THEN its just a number. what I mean is don't worry about just his age, worry about who he is more than his age, because your right it is a number but numbers can mean something too. But like I said if you know you can trust him then don't worry about it.

    • trust him in what way ?

    • If you trust him with your love, heart, life etc. the same trust you would give to a guy who you love and you know loves you too.

  • niiice. cougar lady

    • lol is that a bad thing? and its not really cougar its only three years compares to these 50 year olds that go with 20 year old guys ew

    • That's what they all say, no it's not bad.

  • This means nothing. Then, I also date cougars.


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