Should I text her everyday?

I met this girl at work she works next door and since the first day I met her she started flirting with me and was touching my hands and my shoulder etc...

so the next day I asked her for her number and she gave it to me, then I waited 2 days before texting her and today I texted her for the first time and we texted for a while but I don't know if I screwed up or not because I asked her out already to which she didn't gave me a clear answer... she replied "are you asking me out on a date? lol" but never said yes or no

I sent her another text to reply a question she asked me which I didn't get a response from her... should I text her everyday? she has a job and has 2 kids already so I bet she is busy... I really like her but I don't how to do this right...

I've never dated before and this is the first time I text with a girl so I'm new to this.

Help me out on how not to screw things up and find out if she likes me?

By the way what should I say when I text her? and what time should I text her tomorrow?


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  • You don't text someone everyday unless you're like bffl. :P If you were asking her out on a date, then say yes you were asking her out on a date. THEN maybe she'll give you an answer.

    She's a single mom right? Yeah, you bet she's busy... how old are her children? It would be hard for her to go on a date with you depending on how young they are and if she has someone to look after them while she's gone.

    • Waaaaaaait hold up. You know that if you've never had a girlfriend before, tackling one with 2 kids is like... near impossible right?

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    • Just make sure you mean the things you say from now on, don't say something and then change it because of doubt or wondering how she'd take what you've said because otherwise she won't know what to believe and it'll become frustrating and seem like you're just playing her.

    • well getting to know her slowly would be best don't you think? but as friends I don't know because I like her lol... most guys would take out any girl no matter her looks just to get laid and that's where I'm different... I rather spend my whole life alone and refuse to date any girl unless I actually feel attracted to her... Thanks for all your help by the way you have been wonderful :)

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  • don't text her every day that makes you needy and can't live without her and that's a TURN OFF ,

    but if you want to text her once a day will be perfect or two max , for example sometimes text her in the morning just saying good morning or stuff like that , don't call her every second just act cool

    hope that helps


    • should I just text her at night to tell her I hope she had a great day? would that be ok? would also give me a chance to see if she text me throughout the day first... also should I visit her on Wednesday when she comes to work next door?

    • yes there is no problem in that if you didn't text her all day its OK to text at night , if you want to visit her Wednesday yeah sure why not , just pay attention to her reaction when you visit her the first time if she is all welcoming and happy to see you then great but if she seemed otherwise then don't visit her very often because she has kids so it is not the right place to flirt or to have a great evening with her , ohhh! another advice just be so nice to her kids that s a TURN ON

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  • Should have taken it a little slower on asking her out but she obviously seems interested in you if she gave you her number. But still, talk to her in person. Works much better than sitting by the phone.

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