Should I text her everyday?

I met this girl at work she works next door and since the first day I met her she started flirting with me and was touching my hands and my shoulder etc...

so the next day I asked her for her number and she gave it to me, then I waited 2 days before texting her and today I texted her for the first time and we texted for a while but I don't know if I screwed up or not because I asked her out already to which she didn't gave me a clear answer... she replied "are you asking me out on a date? lol" but never said yes or no

I sent her another text to reply a question she asked me which I didn't get a response from her... should I text her everyday? she has a job and has 2 kids already so I bet she is busy... I really like her but I don't how to do this right...

I've never dated before and this is the first time I text with a girl so I'm new to this.

Help me out on how not to screw things up and find out if she likes me?

By the way what should I say when I text her? and what time should I text her tomorrow?
Should I text her everyday?
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