Would you agree to hang out with a girl one to one if you were not interested?

so this guy, I'm not even sure if we have a thing going on. he texts me like once every 3 days (used to be everyday -_-) saying something like hey, hello idk. one time he chatted me online and went 'text me if you want'. when we hung out he suggested things we should do together, but he never really is specific about it (doesn't set a date etc). but when I bring it up, he goes 'yes we should. are you free this weekend?' something like that. do you think he's interested? on our first hang out he held my hands during the movies, and we just talked and stuff. but after that somehow he doesn't contact me as much as he used to. 3 days ago I texted him 'hey, you still wanna go to ____? ' (he suggested we'd go to that place like one week ago). and he's like "yes, are you free this Sunday?". what do you guys think? he's not the player type at all by the way.. and I think I gave him enough hints to let him know that I'm interested. (I've texted him first a couple times). but I don't know we usually don't see each other around Because we live in different areas (40 min apart). what do you guys think? :)


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  • yea he's interested, but he's also probably a laid back type. I'm kind of the same way. if me and my girlfriend want to do something, we can make plans but we don't have an exact schedule, we'll just text and figure out something to do

    i would hang out with a girl if I wasn't interested in her though, as long as she wasn't interested in me either


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  • Awe.. It actually seems like he does have a thing for you, or he would be suggesting meeting up at least once a week.

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