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Hey everyone. It's my first time on this site and I hope you would help me with something. At Saturday I met a friend's friend(they're both girls) and she was awesome! Plus I think she was into me(we used to talk online a couple of years ago). We were 3 guys in the group and she was talking only to me and about me, like asking about me and touching me, tickling me and laughing with everything I said. I'd like to pursue a relationship with this girl but when she's online she NEVER ever initiates a conversation, and yesterday I sent her an sms and she answered only once a couple of hours later. Any advice would be useful and thanks :)


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  • It sounds like you are very shy and she likes that but now it is the time to pursue her. When a girl is touching you and trying to get to know she is interested. What you should to is be going after her working for it. Ask her for her # or send her yours and just be the one that calls and asks to go out on dates. She will be the one when you are in person to keep the conversation alive but right now she might be nervous because she was flirting with you and you didn't close. Now is the time to go in and close the big game.. Say something sweet about your guys relationship and tell her you would love to talk to her more and get her #...

    • I have her number and she has mine(she has mine for a year or so) and the truth is that I tried my best when we were out(I'm a great party joker) but I don't know how to continue it. Any tips? Thanks :)

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    • Ok I will do it then! Thanks for answering and helping me!

    • Let me know if I can help with anything else.

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  • Get her phone number and make plans to hang out. People are busy and may stay online but not be at the computer. You'd do better to get to know her in person.

    • I will text her if she wants to hang out but what can I say to her? Funny approach or serious?

    • Don't try to put on a show being funny or serious, just relax, be yourself. That's what she was attracted to in the first place. First dates are the hardest!

    • Okay! thanks for the assist!

  • Tell her that you never see her online and that you should text or call and ask for her number! I'm sure she is probably waiting for your to ask because it did sound like she likes you and she might just be shy so that's why she never starts a conversation, she could be more outgoing and extroverted in person but maybe more coy and introverted online.

  • She could also be sending mixed signals, if she was laughing and touching it's a good sing, just take it slow, sometimes new relationships are overbearing, I agree though, ask her or her number, make plans to go to the movies or something, maybe out for drinks and go from there!

    • I have her number but I am too shy to ask her out :( but I will! Any tips on how to ask her?

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