Guys: If you didn't like a girl would you waste time with her?

If you didn't like a girl/girlfriend would you waste your time with her or would you just do your own thing?

Would you waste your time being with her just to hurt her?


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  • some blokes don't have the balls to say they no longer feel attracted to you, so if you feel its gone cold, bring it up and say that it either changes or you both move on,x

  • Personally, I would call myself a pretty nice guy, so from my point of view, when I DON'T like a girl (in terms of getting intimate) I usually would only hang out with her in a group of friends...I would never try to hang out alone with her. Whereas if I have some interest in a girl, then I would spend at least SOME time just alone with her...unless it's like a study thing for a class or something then it's a different story. Just my 2 cents.


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