Why doesn't he text me?

He texts me if we're in the same room, he'll text me when I go home right after we hang out or something, if I text him he answers back right away, but any other time he doesn't. He's probably texted me like once just to talk for no apparent reason.

It's summer so we don't see each other everyday like we did at school...We're not a couple, I don't really consider us dating, but we have a thing going on to were we might get together.

He's works, goes to the gym, very involved in stuff so he's usually busy and I never know when is a good time to text him...It's easier when he texts me so I know he's not tired and stuff...


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  • Well the first half of this says your just friends, but the second part seems that 'maybe' he's just busy. Did he text you a lot during the school year?

    • Only in the above situations, or if we were planning to do something together. We saw each other everyday so I couldn't care less if he texted me or not.