My friends all tell me she obviously still wants me or she would have dropped me by now?

After fighting about how clingy I am, this girl and I are always better after a few days and sometimes even later the same day. We have had a long history of being on and off after dating for 8 months long distance. A few days ago one of her exs started talking and things got better with them. Around that time she started to ignore me and act like I was a bother. But yesterday she said she might want to talk on the phone but it never happened. I finally asked her what was going on and she replied that I was being a bother and there was no changing it. After an hour I said sorry that I always act like it wad the end when we fought and she made a comment about needing to bring a baseball bat to always be able to crack my thick head. The conversation ended with me agreeing to leave her alone for awhile. Now this has gone on for 2 years, these fights, and she always welcomes me back. Can anyone shed light on this, other than the obvious let her be? My friends all tell me she obviously still wants me or she would have dropped me by now but she wants to actually date, there is a chance of us going to the same college; it is small but a chance still. Thank you for your patience in reading this, considerate responses would be nice.


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  • So date her, but be less clingy (demanding). If you do a quick "Google" or "eHow" search of "how NOT to be clingy" there are actually a few good ideas to pick from. (I'm not being sarcastic. Givers have to be careful of being accused of "clingy" tendencies by Takers, who tire easily even when they have a good thing going for them. It's just the way of the world.)

    • Thanks for "BA" -- hang in there!

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  • She probably thought she could change you. If she told you what you were doing wrong, then maybe somehow you'd grow up and stop doing it.

    But 2 years is a long time to try and educate some moron to stop doing the thing that turns girls off.

    She probably needs a break from you. I don't blame her.

    2 years? What the hell is wrong with you?

    • We would have months of good, friendly, conversations but anytime another guy would become interested and she was interested is when problems started. It wasn't a constant fight the whole time.