Do you think he doesn't like to talk to me? or is he really just busy?

There's this guy who told me that he likes me as more than friends. The problem is, he is going to study in another country. Actually, as of this moment, he's already been studying there for about a month and a half now. I messaged him a couple of days after he arrived asking him how's it over there and we had a good chat. Then we didn't talk for quite a long time. About 2 weeks ago, he messaged me saying hi. I replied the day after and tried to continue the conversation but then, he said he had to go and do his assignments now, if that's okay. Of course I said it's okay then I asked him if I was bothering him? and he said no and that he also needed break from all the school stuff. Then, I ended the conversation saying "I won't be bugging you anymore because it looks like you're busy. Next time :)" and he said "sure :)"

So, I'm just wondering...

1) do you think he doesn't like to talk to me? or is he really just busy? I mean, I don't know but wouldn't guys give time to the girl they like (though I think this may be a bit selfish?)

2) who should message first now? Is it me since I was the one who ended the last one? But I don't want to look too eager or clingy or whatever. Besides, I don't want to end up bothering him again. Or is it him since..well, if he does like me and would want to talk to me, he would message me, right? But it's been 2 weeks...could it be that his feelings changed already? or is he really waiting for me to message first?


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  • I don't know man. I think it could go either way. Still I lean toward that if he was that interested he might have called, yet there are circumstances that could come up, and in regards to the whole "If they're interested, they'll call" thing, I could say the same ting about you. I mean for god sakes do you have any idea how tired I am of that whole"But if I call, I'll look clingy" bullsh*t that all girls seem to think is fact? I mean just because you call doesn't make you clingy.


    Stop agonizing over him. Call him. He's leaving the country anyway.

  • To be honest I think he would've contacted you by now if he was really interested in you. If he was serious about you he would be contacting you at least every other day either by phone, text or e-mail. He would not wait so long for you to contact him. Don't make it your priority to contact him first all the time. Maybe take into consideration how much you actually want, or even love, him. Do you want a serious relationship with this guy or would just a friendship make you feel better?


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